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    Oldoinyo Lengai Updates
    December 2018
    M T W T F S S

    The following is a list of recommended equipment to be carried / worn by each person attempting to climb Oldoinyo Lengai:

    Clothing, Provisions and Equipment for Oldoinyo Lengai

    • – Water (6L per person)
    • – High calorie energy snacks (N.B. chocolate melts very quickly in Africa)
    • – Head torch for the ascent with spare batteries
    • – Ski-pole for the descent
    • – Strong gloves to protect hands (leather workmen’s gloves)
    • – Wide-brimmed hat for protection from the sun
    • – Sunglasses (they may get scratched)
    • – Neckerchief to protect from sunburn and dust
    • – Disposable trousers (the descent on the pavement is highly likely to tear the seat).
    • – Strong boots with good grip and ankle protection. Trainers are unsuitable as the   ankles are exposed to the rocks, and they will fill with sharp gravel very quickly. A sturdy B1 is ideal. Boots with an overly rigid midsole are not recommended as they will not flex enough to afford good grip.
    • – Camera and spare batteries/film to record your climb.
    • – Sense of humour. This is not a mountain for the faint of heart, and due to the nature of its unique geology, can be extremely treacherous.