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    Oldoinyo Lengai Updates
    December 2018
    M T W T F S S

    Fees payable by tourists who wish to visit the Lake Natron area (which includes Oldoinyo Lengai), are divided into two parts: road access fees, and feature access fees.

    Road Access Fees

    In order to reach Lake Natron from the south (the common direction of approach) from most safari itineraries, it is necessary to pass through the following gates / checkpoints, and to pay the corresponding fees for non-East African citizens:

    1. Engaresero Gate: USD 15 per tourist

    2. Longido Gate: USD 10 per tourist

    3. Engaruka Gate: USD 10 per tourist

    These gates simply function as tolls and do not confer any access rights to any areas of interest along the route.

    Feature Access Fees

    On arrival into the Engaresero district, tourists are required to attend the village council tourism office in order to obtain permits allowing access to touristic features in the area. Fees for access to these features are as follows:

    Mountain Climbing Costs for Oldoinyo Lengai

    Mountain climbing permits include access to Oldoinyo Lengai, and the hire of a local Maasai guide:

    1 tourist: USD 100

    2 tourusts: USD 140 for the group

    3 tourists: USD 180 for the group

    Where numbers of tourists exceed 3 persons, the following formula shall apply:

    “USD 60 group access fee plus USD 40 per tourist”

    Thus, for 8 climbers, fees would be as follows:

    USD 60 + (USD 40 x 8 persons) = USD 380

    *Note that it is obligatory to use a guide allocated by the office, and safari operators will not be permitted to substitute their own guide with the office-appointed guide, regardless of any claimed concerns expressed by  any representative of the safari company about the perceived lack of experience, professionalism, first aid knowledge, level of care, reputation, etc, of the local appointed guide. Additionally, fees do not include rescue insurance, or porterage of provisions and equipment.

    The local council is unable to accept any responsibility in the event of accident, injury or death suffered by foreign clients as a consequence of the negligence, inexperience, or incompetence of the local guide.

    Areas of Beauty with the Region

    USD 20 per tourist includes access to all areas of natural beauty or special interest, excluding the mountains.

    Understanding these Fees

    Thus, in the case of two tourists engaging in a typical 24 hours’ itinerary, in which they will approach from Mto wa Mbu after a game drive at another park, spend the evening resting and preparing for their climb; climb Oldoinyo Lengai from mid-night to dawn; descend for refreshments; and enjoy a walk along the Ngare Sero River towards the waterfalls, the applicable fees will be as follows:

    Road Access: USD 70

    Mountain Climbing Fees: USD 140

    Feature Access Fees: USD 40

    Total: USD 230 or USD 115 per person

    Similarly, with one tourist travelling alone, applicable fees within these 24 hours will be USD 155.