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    Oldoinyo Lengai Updates
    December 2018
    M T W T F S S


    Ngare Sero Village Council is in the process of upgrading the security and rescue procedures on Oldoinyo Lengai, as the safety and well-being of visitors to the region is paramount. We want to purchase two-way battery powered radios so that a rescue party can be contacted from the slopes of the mountain itself.  The remoteness of the region means that there is no mobile phone signal, and internet communications are limited to V-Sat connections.  We also want to purchase flexible stretchers to facilitate the removal of injured climbers from the mountain in relative comfort.

    Evacuation procedures

    Evacuation from Oldoinyo Lengai is hampered not only by the mountain itself, but also the remoteness of the region.  In the interim, the council recommend that each party of climbers is accompanied by a minimum of two guides for reasons of safety; this allows one guide to descend the mountain, cross the valley floor to Ngare Sero Village 18 km away, organise a rescue party and transport, return to the foot of the mountain and ascend to the location of the injured climber; a return trip that could take eight hours.  It would be extremely hazardous to leave a casualty alone and unattended on the mountain due to the effects of shock, dehydration, etc. It is also advisable to take advantage of the rescue insurance policy offered by the village so that in the unlikely event of an accident, further costs of hiring extra guides are not incurred.

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